IndieAuthorLand Interview

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Now that The Human Algorithm is available on Amazon, it is becoming ever more clear to me the struggles that a self published indie author has to go through.  With only one book available, I am not ready to plunge headfirst into marketing, but I would like to start building my presence.  So that if someone were to look for exactly what I have to offer, they can find me.  It takes time, and it is time any independent author would rather spend writing.

So far, I have the facebook page for the book, the blog, and a few other links circulating around on various writing and publishing sites.  But one of the most valuable resources I have found so far is  The site is dedicated to promoting books by independent authors, and the price is currently free.  Most other indie author resource require a per day payment, or a yearly membership.  IndieAuthorLand, however, will promote your book with a personalized interview, and all you have to do is ask.  the downside is that they promote a lot of books, with little quality control.  The upside is that you get free exposure, and it will help to increase your web presence.

My interview, which I think went rather well, was published on May 20th.  Please make sure to check out the IndieAuthorLand Interview for The Human Algorithm.

After submitting my book to, I made the top 10 books of the week.  I am hoping to keep the momentum going for a little longer, because after this promotion, I haven’t found a lot of other quality sites to work with.  When I do find them, I will be sure to post them here.