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To fit with the sci-fi /computer theme, the most appropriate introduction would be “Hello, World”.  That is, of course, the default first test that programmers use on any new programming language.  And now I realize that in 3 books I never had Nic say, “Hello, World”.  That is likely a mistake I will have rectified before the books go to print.

With the impending doom of the physically printed word, I wonder what phrase will replace “go to print”.  Maybe people will instead say “Become downloadable”.  But even that has an expiration date assuming everything will be cloud based so downloading will eventually go the way of print.  At which point we will just say “Become available for access”.  I am not suggesting we use these terms.  I am hoping someone more clever will develop the new standard phrases.

Which brings me to the point of this post and the point of this site.  I have launched this subdomain site to supplement the eventual kindle self-publishing of my first three books, known currently as “The Algorithm Trilogy”.  And assuming I continue on my current projected trajectory, there will be more books forthcoming at the conclusion of these works.

I’ve decided against closing with the antipodal of my opening statement, as “Goodbye, World” carries a much different feeling to it.  I will leave this first post at that, with more details to follow.


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