The Human Algorithm


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The Human Algorithm

(  The Algorithm Trilogy, Partition 1  )

It is the year 2121.  Technology has matured and is now tightly integrated into every person’s life so much so that it is a given right of each citizen to have access to the one-device-fits-all Personal Electronic Device(PED) and the internet. Every facet of life is meticulously documented online with videos, pictures, status updates, and other records so that every person can be tracked, monitored, and accounted for at all times. This aggregated data stored about every person on Earth is used by the Algorithm of Mass Opinion(AMO), a replacement of current-day government, to create laws, assign jobs, and appropriate taxes. The quality of life is at an all-time high, education is at its best, and crime rates are almost non-existent.  Almost.  There are those that wish to challenge this way of life; terrorists that seek to unravel the AMO machine.

Nic20940012 is one of the youngest and most talented law enforcement agents to ever be employed by the Worldwide Crime Division, which is why he is assigned to one of the toughest cases in years. A lowly janitor goes missing along with enough weapons grade plutonium to level an entire city. In this technological era, it is completely unheard of for someone to go missing, to elude the cameras and computers across the world that are always watching, and always tracking.

The case takes Nic on a path to discover a plot much more insidious. As more inconsistencies appear, it becomes apparent that someone is manipulating the internet with a level of control that was thought to be impossible. Nic must visit the corners of this reformatted Earth, tracking terrorists, secret organizations, missing persons, and other elusive dangers en route to solve the biggest case of his life. And this is just the beginning.


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Released May 2, 2013

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